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Mod Magenta, Teal, Dropshadow 8.5"x11" Cardstock

Mod Magenta, Teal, Dropshadow 8.5"x11" Cardstock

💲This item is Buy One, Get One FREE! 🎨✨

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Hey, just so you know, every single piece of these 8.5"x11" Cardstock papers are hand-painted by yours truly -  no prints here! These papers aren't just pretty—they're perfect for all your creative ventures. Think scrapbooking, card making, even jazzing up your junk journals or framing them for some artsy decor. Trust me, they're that stunning. Let's talk about this Monotype printing magic. It's one-of-a-kind. Seriously, once I've painted it, there's no going back. The layers of depth and color are like nothing else—completely unique and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. And here's the kicker: no reproductions or prints. Each piece is its own work of art.

Disclaimer: Now, I gotta give you a heads up. Thanks to the quirks of computer monitors, the colors might play a little trick on you. What you see on your screen might look slightly different in person, but I've done my darn best to keep it real and make sure the image you see is as spot-on as possible.

Return Policy: Brace yourself for a wild ride because once our masterpieces waltz into your life, there's no turning back—no returns, no refunds.  So, if you're up for a commitment marathon, you're in the right aisle. Dive into the shopping extravaganza, and just remember, commitment looks drop-dead gorgeous on you! 🛍️✨ #NoReturnsNoRegrets #LoveItOrLiveWithIt

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